This post is a guide that explains how you can play Broodwar with your friends on LAN using a free VPN software Hamachi.

This guide is for Windows only.

Hamachi Setup

  1. Go to and download the install file by clicking “Download”
  2. Install hamachi.msi on your computer
  3. Setup an account and login to “LogMeIn Hamachi”
  4. Create or join a network


  1. Install Broodwar (From whatever source..)
  2. Download ChaosLauncher. This is a launcher that you will use to launch Broodwar. You can find the download link on the right of this page (
  3. Extract into the Starcraft folder
  4. Download and extract ForceHamachi ( This is a plugin that ChaosLauncher to use to force Hamachi. Place forecehamachi.bwl file into the ChaosLauncher folder.
  5. Run the ChaosLauncher as an administrator and run starcraft making sure of the followings:
    1. In “Plugin” tab, forcehamachi is checked off
    2. In “Plugin” tab, click update to ensure up-to-date version of ChaosLauncher
    3. In “Settings” tab, ensure installpath to Starcraft is correct


Using Windows 10 and not able to see a game? Refer to

The specific sections you want to look into are:

  1. Hamachi Adapter Tweaks
  2. Can’t see or connect game server that is hosted on Hamachi network

That’s it! Have fun 🙂