My first trip to Japan! I was very nervous. I probably knew, at max, five Japanese words. I had no data on my phone. I had to take screen shots of the Google Map routes to find my ways around. This is one of those trips where I had to solely rely on my instinct… Very exciting!


Japanese airport. There were a few English translations, but not enough! Waiting for the train to come to take me to the main Kansai airport station.


My subway ride to Namba station from Kansai station (Airport express). Namba station is one of the two biggest stations (other being Umeda).


Namba station. It’s connected to the Namba mall.


My walk to the Fuku Hostel. Had no idea whether I was walking in the right direction…


Phew! Finally got here. Fortunately, I was in the right direction all along… This is the first-floor entrance to the hostel that I will be staying in, Fuku hostel. It’s one street below Dotonburi, and close to three subway stations!


The hostel is located on the third floor of the building.


The common area/reception. It’s way too clean for me…


This is the room. It looks a little different than other hostels I’ve been in. The beds are tiny and you have a small place to store your luggage. The inside felt too cluttered but got used to it after laying down for 10 minutes.


My very first meal in Japan, Gyukatsu. One of the staffs at the hostel recommended this restaurant. I don’t remember the name (it was only in Japanese), but the food was amazing!


Random bars around. There were no sitting tables, but only standing area.


The area that I was in had lots of Pachinko (Slot machines). Was tempting, but realized I still have three more days left in Japan with limited money…


My first step into Dotonbori! Michelin Guide Takoyaki place. 500 yen for 8 pieces of Takoyaki and another 500 yen for my favorite beer, Asahi! Takoyaki was good, but I think there are better places.


Apparently some famous dumpling place. Did not want to be part of the line…


Dotonbori street


My first selfie attempt in Japan. Man, was it awkward… The pimple under my nose definitely did not make the awkwardness any better!


Dotonbori river


The famous Glico Man sign! Probably one of few pictures that resemble Dotonbori. Lots of billboards and TV screens… Blinds me. Apparently, the company behind the ad, Ezaki Glico, are a confectionery manufacturer based in the city, best known for their caramel candy and Pocky pretzel snacks.


Don Quijote, duty-free shop. Lots of cheap goods. However, the inside is very cluttered and have way too many people. I probably lasted a good ten seconds there…


People were eating some Japanese barbecue on the boat… Should’ve asked them to pull over 🙂


After a long tour through Dotonbori, I decided to treat myself to some warm sake at the bar right across from my hostel. Loved it!


Tako-wasabi, one of my favorite Japanese appetizers…


And that’s it! My first night in Japan. Time to rest up to enjoy a full day of walking tomorrow. See you again tomorrow Osaka!